I updated my web page! More photos added!!

I updated my website recently and added more new photos into my Model and Muse website to share with you.  I am so blessed to meet so many beautiful models and have great relationships with them and thank them so much for the emotion they have given me to my lens.  Especially with the models I have worked with recently, you know who you are, I love you all for your hard work. You are beautiful inside and out.  I'm behind on a ton of photos for some of my models so please be patient and they will be coming soon and I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience-these past 2 months have been really difficult for me lately and I appreciate your patience and understanding for the hard time I have been going through. 

For upcoming young new models interested in a career in professional modeling, I'm always available in the Chicago land area to help take photos for you for your portfolio.  My rates are reasonable and negotiable so please contact me through my email listed on my "about" page.   For those models under the age of 18, you will need to bring your parents on any of my shoots.  All models will need to sign a model release form as well.   I'm also available to shoot family portraits and weddings as well so don't hesitate to ask. Did i also mention I love to work with kids too!!?? My future work will be with agency signed models too so stay tuned often to see my upcoming work soon! 

For my fans that are looking for Cosplay photos I have been posting on my Instagram, please look often on my Instagram account (@johnnyporsche) because I won't be posting any of these photos on my modelandmuse.com website nor will I create a site to share other than for my cosplay models which will be a private account website for their eyes only so apologies for the regular users  who try to look often and search often for my cosplay photos.  Sorry Hong Kong!! Keep seeing my Instagram for those photos!!      

Here is a shoot I worked with Kasia on a hat of hers she wanted to shoot in.  We had so much fun with this shoot: