Falling in Love with my Models

In the world of fashion and beauty photography, as a photographer it is very easy to fall in love with your models due to their beauty.  Step into my photography world in my eyes and try not to fall in love with a 5'10", size 2, blue-eyed, blonde hair female beauty that works with you.   After my 5 years of experience of working with over 100 models working in fashion and beauty portrait photography, I noticed the more I frequently work with my models, the more I fall in love with them and our art we create as a tandem gets even more beautiful.  Her status of "model" has turned into my "Muse" status-the goddess of inspiration.  She provides me the emotions to my lens and I draw from them and the love I formed in my mind is often always never returned back but due to this love I created in my mind it often creates something great in my art.   I immerse myself completely into them and I am bound to produce something great. She offers me a gateway, a  magical place, that no other person can.  She consumes me day after day and I constantly think about her when I'm not with her and she inspires me to make beautiful work.   I'm a person that falls in love too easily with women and its a weakness in me. and photographing beautiful women doesn't help this either.   Something I long despised but I've learned to appreciate and overcome.   My heart breaks often but this is what makes me alive and inspires me in my work.     I try to focus and infuse this into my beauty photography and my Muses grant me so many positive emotions.   She inspires me, she excites me, she challenges me and she invokes emotions in me that is a benefit worthy of a little heartache.  Falling in love with my Muses is one of the best things I have done with my art and I realize how amazing I truly am.