My Cosplay Photography site is out!!! CLIENTS ONLY.

To all the people I know, my cosplay page is out so check out your photos and share your photos.  It's an encrypted page so SORRY to my fans that don't know me but it's only for my friends, clients and models to view and I won't be able to share them unless my models that I have worked with show it. To the friends I know, email me for the info on the page address and password.  I encrypted it because too many asian sites have my cosplay photos everywhere and are using it with none of my discretion.  Weird to see Hong Kong people stealing my photos! Check out my Instagram page for a few photos of my Cosplay photos though but unfortunately you fans won't be able to see cosplay stories thanks to those who keep stealing them for their social media.  Really people!!??  Give up checking often for Cosplay photos on this current site because it will never happen  because my Model and Muse site will only be for my love of fashion and beauty photography art.

Sorry but not sorry to the fans who keep looking often on my site and stealing my photos,