Imposter Alerts! Fake Photographers in this crappy world.

I've known lots of photographers that had the worst experience saying that they've gotten imposter alerts who claim to be the photographer and who directly contacts agency models and freelance models that the photographers have shot or not shot before-via Instagram, email in attempt to solicit naked/nude/bikini/lingerie selfies from the models as well as attempting to set-up shoots.   

To all models that I know and don't know,  please use my email I have in my website to contact me or phone number.   

I also know models that get these fake photographers that they need more photos of them and ask for more selfies to get more "measurements" info.  I will NEVER ask for models to send me any nude-selfies or any selfies of some creepy sort.   

With a ton of lawyers and law enforcement friends and family I know, legal routes will be pursued if this ever happens to me.