I choose Emily Blunt as the next Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel actress

Dear Marvel Studios,

As a Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel fanboy of comic books, please choose Emily Blunt. I have collected and read all comic book issues of the Original 1970's Ms. Marvel  and her return in 2006 along with all Captain Marvel issues and Captain Marvel and Carol Corps as well so I have the extensive knowledge of her biography.  Emily Blunt has been one of the main front runners chosen as the upcoming Captain Marvel movie to be released in 2018 and I truly believe she is the strongest choice.  Hands down, she definitely has the experience, the look, the beauty, the bad ass attitude and acting experience to fit the most perfect Carol Danvers-Captain Marvel character.  DC Universe chose Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman wisely and although she looks gorgeous as the amazonian woman, and I'm not trying to compare, she doesn't have the experience and look that Emily Blunt could have offer as the new Captain Marvel character.  Please choose Emily as the new Captain Marvel.