Happy New Year!!

I wish you all the best for the new year.  May your life be filled with Love and Happiness throughout.  

My 2016 new years resolution I would love to share to you all:

1.  Stay Healthy   

Starting some new lifestyle changes to ensure that I stay healthy in the future which means exercising for 3-4x a week which I've been doing religiously for a while but I need to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and limit the amount of processed foods and red meats. I need to drink more water and stay away from all the sugars and soda.     

2.  Be Happy

It's just not worth it to hang out with the wrong people and be with all the pessimism.  Life is too short and not worth it to be unhappy.   Live your life to the fullest each day and look forward and not back but learn from your mistakes.  Check out this blog:



3.  Work for an modeling agency.

Paid test shoots.   Enough said.  

4.  Become Published.

Something that I haven't yet tried and would love to give it a shot with my work.

5.  Take photos every day.   

Becoming familiar with my camera, the light, looking at my subjects artistically-photography is an uphill learning experience and I hope to become a Jedi at it someday.  According to Gladwell's book, "Outliers" it takes around 10,000 hours to achieve Jedi master level.  I'm just at a Padawan level and need to keep learning and mastering.   

6.  Join 3 photography workshops for 2016 in NYC, LA and Europe.  

Working with pro photographers and models and adding those projects to your portfolio are a great experience.   My first workshop will be in LA this month with Melissa Rodwell.   I love her work and hope to learn a lot from her.  

7.  Develop my visual IQ.  

Get to know the notable photographers and photo agencies.      

8.  Attend more Comic book conventions and meet more cosplayers and cosplay photographers!!

Last year was just a blast coming back to the comic book world after a 5 year hiatus and cosplay photography was so much fun.  I have met so much cosplayers and photographers last year and I expect to meet more this year.   

9.   Travel for photography.  

Hawaii, England and Spain are my 2016 trips.   Come meet up!!

10.   Have an art gallery show.  

Something I have always wanted to do.  This last one is a difficult one but hope to complete it this year.