Spring Cleaning...

That time of year folks, my web page is going under major construction, editing and organization.  My new Macbook Pro with Retina display along with using the new Adobe Photoshop CC with my Wacom tablet has made me realize that I need to definitely make some major adjustments to my post processing photos and habits.  A recent model of mine noticed her flaws and asked me to edit.  I didn't realize her flaws until I started using my Macbook pro.  The retina display revealed everything sharp, clear and colorful. Stay tuned because there will be a ton of more new photos posting up soon all this summer.  

In the meantime, enjoy this Siren:

She is my prized model that I have loved working with so much lately and can't wait to work with her again.  Lots and Lots and Lots of more photos of this beauty coming soon.