My Batgirl #41 Variant Cover issue Cosplay Project

I wanted to recreate the controversial Batgirl #41 variant cover of the Joker and Batgirl.  Thanks to my lovely models Mandy and Lisa, I was able to recreate it beautifully with Harley Quinn rather than the Joker. I did not want to create any controversy with having a Joker so I thought Harely would be a lot cooler.  I had a blast working cosplay with these two women.  They are very professional with their work and get the job done right without much instruction. I've been working with Mandy a ton lately and you'll obviously notice with my website and OMG she is the one of the best models to ever work with!! I will sure miss her when she goes away for college. More photos are on my website posting up soon!

Batgirl variant cover with the "Killing Joke" Joker by Rafael Albuquerque: 

My Batgirl variant issue Cosplay with Harley Quinn:

I have another photo of Harley actually smearing Batgirls face with the lipstick too on my website.