Why C2E2 is better than Wizard World Chicago. My review on C2E2 and Wizard World Chicago.

I just got back from C2E2 2015 this weekend and had a load of fun.  I haven't walked so much in my life!!  I just want to post this blog about why I believe C2E2 is so much better than Wizard World Chicago 2014.  I hope Wizard World reads this so they can improve for their August event in Chicago this year.  Wizard World has just been disappointing me lately year after year.  I hope Bruce Campbell's horror fest (the fest that overlaps Wizard World Chicago at the same time) makes it more enjoyable.  

1.  Price for admission.  C2E2 is much cheaper per day.  Wizard World charges outrageously much more.  

2.  Larger space at the C2E2 McCormick Place center than the Donald E. Stevens convention in Rosemont for the Wizard World.  Wizard World needs more space.  The aisles to each booth made me dizzy due to all the traffic.  The carpet at c2e2 were much more comfortable to walk and sit on at c2e2.  There was hard concrete at Wizard World.  

3.  Parking sucks at C2E2. If you get stuck parking at Parking lot B at McCormick place, you're screwed for a 20 minute walk.   Wizard World is convenient right across the street.  Both places still charge so much for event parking so the Chicago transit is the way to go. 

4.  Less wait for concession stands at C2e2. Averaged about 5 minute waiting time.. More concession stands at C2E2.  More food to Eat!! The only bad thing at c2e2 were the tables to eat at.  Lots of people were eating on the floor due to the lack of tables.   This was similar to Wizard World too.  Wizard World concessions-forget about it because you probably plan on waiting for at least 15-20 minutes in line for food.  I suggest bringing food to Wizard World-the concession stands there are lousy.   

5.  Only one entrance, one exit at both convention halls which sucks.  

6.  Both autograph booths for celebrities at C2E2 and Wizard World have lots of room for line waiting.  Maybe too much space that they should have spaced out the dealers with more room.  

7.  More Cosplayers in C2E2.  More Cosplay group meetups at C2E2.  More rooms at C2E2 for panel events and Cosplay events.   More space for Cosplayers to hang out at C2e2.  

8.  Cosplay is Consent!  I brought a friend dressed up as Ms. Marvel to the c2e2 event and the people there are much courteous and understanding.  Thank you c2e2 for posting a bunch of "cosplay is consent" signs all over the place.  I was able to tag my friend along without any harassment.  

9.  DC and Marvel were sponsoring c2e2.  I don't think Wizard World have gotten them for a long time.  

10.   More comic book guests, writers and artists were at C2e2.  

11.   C2E2 is in Chicago! Much more things to do around the area C2E2 was being held at.   Wizard World is in Rosemont which is 30 minutes from the city.  There is nothing to do in Rosemont besides watch a movie or go the fashion outlet mall.  

12.  I am not paying $75-$100 just to get an autograph of the celebrities and then pay an extra $50 for just taking a picture with them.  Just plain robbery.  Wizard World and C2E2 do this all the time.