The real Supergirl, Melissa Benoist.

Melissa Benoist has released her first look as Supergirl and I think she looks really, really, AWESOME!  Although Supergirl will be on CBS compared to the CW/WGN channel where Arrow, Flash, and Smallville were on, the Arrow producers will be on this Supergirl show.  If the looks and story will be similar to Arrow, I will definitely be a fan.   I'm really skeptical of how CBS will portray their type of super heroine show though so the wait is killing me.  I can't wait to watch this show!   The Wonder Woman show failed from airing for NBC in 2011 so I hope Supergirl will succeed.  America has been waiting for a super heroine to kick some ass.  

Here are some photos CBS just recently released with Melissa Benoist. Her supreme posed look is absolutely beautiful and I think she is the perfect Supergirl to fill in this role.  Unfortunately the Photoshop backgrounds they composited on her just look absolutely terrible.  What was the photographer thinking of pasting this crappy background along with vignetting the majority of the picture?