Can we please get a story where Batgirl kicks the Joker's ass please?

DC Comics is launching in June a bunch of variant Joker covers for a bunch of DC books and shown above is Batgirl's #41 variant with the Joker drawn by Rafael Albuquerque. This will only consist of a variant cover of Batgirl with the Joker and the cover will portray no story in the current Batgirl series.  But as a huge Batgirl fan,  can we please get a story where Batgirl finally kicks Joker's ass please?   Writer Gail Simone tried extremely well when she had the chance during her story arc of Batgirl issues so I'm hoping Cameron Stewart can do something about this.   I want a story where we can finally have Batgirl back up to full power (mentally and physically) along with her new Oracle Robot Powers getting the chance to fight the Joker hand to hand and finally kicking the crap out of him and delivering him to Arkham!!