My new business cards came!!

So excited to pass these out!  These are credit card style, glossy, embossed, glitter on the front, business cards made by   Sabatino is the business owner (from Canada) and much thanks to him to help me out on this look.  It was pretty easy to order, I just sent Sabatino my two photos in PSD Photoshop format and he worked the rest of the magic.  It took about a month to get and I had to follow up often to check up on status but it was worth the wait.  Sabatino mentioned he had a part for his embosser on backorder so he had to go emboss  the cards somewhere else.  Thanks Sabatino.  It cost me about $330 for 500 business cards.   I tried to look around with other competitors and they charged much more. were going to  charge me $700 for 500 business cards and I thought they were crazy.  Do your research, look into the type of cards you would want and ask for a quote.  Let them send you an example copy of how your cards will look after they compile the print before they print the cards.  The first picture below is what my cards looked like when I got them, the  second picture below is the actual example of how my cards will look before printing.