My first ever cosplay photography work with Mandy May as Batgirl (and planning)

Planning is a major key when taking photographs with your models. I cannot emphasize to you more if you wing a model shoot with no planning in mind, you will definitely be in deep shit. The planning from camera equipment, wardrobe, makeup, backup issues, location, composition, proper lighting techniques to editorial stories and themes are very important for a successful shoot. If you have nothing in mind about any of this, you will definitely look lost in front of your crew which can mean a waste of precious time for all.  Most importantly, show the moodboards to your crew especially to your model a few days in advance.  Show her the looks you want and let her mirror those poses.  Communication is the key.  There has been so many times that I screwed up because I didn't communicate with my model and I just shot the photos and hoped the right pose will eventually show up.  Take your time during the set, figure out how you want the mood to look, get your lighting together and work the test shoots before and then how you want your model to properly pose and then shoot away.  

One of my upcoming projects I'm about to reveal soon is my Cosplay project with one of my favorite models, Mandy May, who will be dressing up as Batgirl.  I haven't worked with Mandy much but she has the most upbeat professional attitude and is full of life and has the most adorable personality that any photographer would love to work with. She has one of the cutest smiles too.  I wish more of my models were like her (personality wise) because it could be such a drag when you get a negative, pessimistic model who has a ton of experience and that is so gosh darn beautiful and who thinks that they are the whole package but it's just a pain working with them because of their personality. I'm totally looking forward to this project and working with her again because she is at the top of her game and I can't wait to show you our Cosplay photography work soon.