My Bread and Butter

I got the wonderful opportunity to work with one of my favorite professional models, Shauntia, this past Easter weekend. It was a real treat to see her beautiful self again after a year hiatus of us not working together.  She's been a busy bee.  She was occupied with casting calls in Toledo, Detroit, Milwaukee and Chicago that week and she was able to fit in a day with me on Easter Sunday.  I totally forgot how much fun it was working with this girl and I suddenly regret that I wish I had more time with her.  Shaun still has always managed to bring a quiet femininity to her shoots. She's like a cat who quietly pads around the shoot-not speaking at all-and when she's up, shes a mesmerizing model to watch. She knows how to work it. She has the beauty, gracefulness and elegant posture in every pose and is one of the best nude art models I've worked with. I loved her nudes, her work was tasteful and she's obviously damn beautiful.  She can pose in shapes that you absolutely haven't seen and she's definitely not the one who simply stands there who needs no type of guidance.  She knows her shit and she can get it done.  Her doll like face shows determination and the will to succeed.  Shaun can convey innocence or sophistication at will. She posed for Playboy, well known on, well known on Facebook with about 10,000 "friends" and fans, .  Her website at explains it all-very professional, very driven, very hard at work-she will get that photo or two or three or ten that you will want which you will forever cherish.

I met Shaun 5 years ago when she first started modeling, she has been my Bread and Butter, one of my favorite models to work with. Over the years she's definitely gotten more comfortable with me in front of my lens. She still thinks I get shy with her when I'm working with her but it's really not that, she's more making my heart skip a few beats since I hold my breath at times while cautiously triggering my camera as if I was a sniper waiting for that perfect shot.  I've learned a lot with her, she taught me about life, modeling and actually how to use my camera.  I've done nude work back in the day and learned from her that you got to actually know the model before you start working nudes with her. Chemistry and Trust are something you need to earn with each model. A model needs to be comfortable with you and she will definitely open up and this is where I've learned what Shaun does when she works with me-she just lets go.  Shopping with her at times, I've learned she's an astute sifter of the thrift stores. She though is not shy of adding her own idiosyncratic twists. Shes fond of sporting her trademark knee high socks with only a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with no bottoms.  She is the only one that can make that happen and make it adorably sexy.  I totally love and look forward to the surprises I get with her when I get the honorable opportunity to work with her.  I adore this girl and her style.  

She's my bread and butter.  Lots of photos of Shaun are plastered all over my website.  Please check out my site at and look for Shaun!  She even has a section of her own under, "Bread and Butter".  



Here was a few Q and A I got with Shaun a while back that I wanted to share:

What are you wearing now? Ahahahaha. Honestly? Ripped jeans and topless with my wet hair up in a towel turban.


3 items you keep in your purse? Money, (when I have it,) identification and some Chapstick.


Describe your style in 5 words? Fashion, Ginger, Artistic, Nude, Goddess


Favorite wardrobe? Nothing at all or something unexpected.


What look is in for you this season? Hahaha. Birthday suits. They are the "in" thing.


Favorite Modeling Moments? Experiences that I wouldn't have ever had a chance to have without modeling...Like getting naked in a Hawaii'n waterfall, going snorkeling, spelunking in caves and swimming in underground lakes.


Favorite Modeling Themes you like to work in? Fashion and artistic nude. Mixing the two.


How do you stay in model shape? I drink milk. Really I don't work out at all. But I drink gallons of milk. Whole milk. None of that blue stuff.


Beauty item you can't live without? I think I could live without beauty items. I don't tweeze, I don't wear makeup unless shooting or going out. Maybe fingernail clippers? HaHaHa.


What is your twitter handle? Facebook User ID? @shauntiamodel, dorkypyro and dorkypyro23


What song is on your iPod right now? Trick question! I don't have an iPod.


What movie do you want to watch soon? Magic Mike with my aunt <3


What are you currently reading? Fifty Shades of Free. Dirty naughty repetitive book.


Favorite destination? Hawaii =D <3


Favorite place to model? Ummm...Hawaii??!! =P


Where would you like to go on your next vacation? Ummm...big surprise...Hawaii?! =P


What's the best advice you have been given for modeling? To constantly learn. So many 'models' see one good photo of themselves, or think they do, then start charging photographers and give the, "I'm the total shit" attitude. Humble yourself.


What's the best advice you have been given for modeling by a photographer? To give shapes.


What are your pet peeves with photographers? The shutterbug and the 5-minute-shot. Also when they want to dress me up like a hooker =P

 Window light work with Shaun at the Trump Towers. &nbsp;

Window light work with Shaun at the Trump Towers.