I shoot with a Sony. That's not funny dude!

I attended one of Richard Stromberg's classes in Chicago and he downed on my Sony Alpha 900 and asked me why did I get a Sony?  I was at a fashion photography workshop and some young cute hipster girl who was using a Canon laughed on why I used Sony.  Here are the reasons why I told them:

1.  I wanted to be different.  Yeah, Canon and Nikon own the photography market while Sony, Olympus and Pentax users are at the bottom of the totem pole and the parts are even harder to find since not a lot of rental/warehouse photography stores like Calumet Photo have Sony (yet) and even the majority of pros use Canon and Nikon so I can't relate to the T1000 models they have and such.  I even find it difficult with compatibility though on something like wireless capability and tethering and lenses etc but I've 'hacked' my way to improvise and adapt to what I have.  People don't know much about Sony but I wanted to be one of the few that use Sony and I'm happy with what I'm using. 

2.  Carl Zeiss lenses!  I work with the 85mm/1.4F, 50mm/f1.4, 24-70mm/f2.8 and they work wonders on my models.  I love how super sharp my photos develop.  

3.  Have you heard of Brian Smith?  Nigel Barker? They use Sony cameras and their work kicks some ass! Check out their art on http://briansmith.com and http://www.nigelbarker.tv

4.  It's not the camera that makes you a good photographer! It definitely can help you become a better photographer. 

5.  Check out my work dude. All my work are from Sony images. Do they look that shitty to you because they're Sony? 

Anywho, Please check out some of my latest work of Model Vavra at the Waldorf Astoria, Chicago:

 More of her can be seen at my site at   http://modelandmuse.com  or at her site at  https://www.facebook.com/modelvavra

More of her can be seen at my site at  http://modelandmuse.com or at her site at https://www.facebook.com/modelvavra