I love Lana Del Rey

Dear Lana Del Rey,

Okay, Okay, on my last post I said I love Sky Ferriera, well I also absolutely adore and love you too.  3 reasons:  1, for your music, 2, for your beauty, 3, for your fashion.  

Your music is my life, my addiction, my rock.  Music is everything to me and your music makes me high, not like any other type of music I have ever listened to.   Wow, just listening to your one of a kind voice is so, so mesmerizing, seducing and addicting!  I had the most thrilling time recently just listening to your music driving at top 104 mph on a rural highway listening to "Blue Velvet". How come I didn't love you as much as I did when your first album just came out Lana?? I remember buying your "Born To Die" LP (yes on vinyl) a few days it came out when I bought it at Urban Outfitters. It wasn't much of a deal here in Chicago when your new album came out as much as NYC and LA had it popular which I was so upset about. Your music just kept growing and growing on me and I just love every song on each of your albums.  I have no clue why "Born to Die" album did not top #1 on the list in America compared to the other 20 plus countries that topped it at #1 when it first came out.  I really believe it has to do with the radio stations (especially in Chicago) that don't promote the right music and its so upsetting. I am currently a Pandora/Spotify member and that is where the hits are at.   

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever "not" met.  I hope to meet you some day to tell you how much you are.  I'm not creepy and obsessed about you and such, I only have your record framed hanging on my wall.  I may have a magazine of you on a cover or two that I adored. The reason I don't have much photos of you is because your beauty is everywhere.  

Now Lana you're performing at my areas in Miami (April 27th) at the Fillmore and Chicago (May 16th) at the Aragon and I am unfortunate to not have gotten your ticket since they are both sold out.  I just recently checked out Stub Hub and they are selling Chicago tickets at over $400 and no one is dumb enough to sell their ticket in Miami since those are your loyal fans who have your tickets.  If you read this or if anyone in the area reads this, and if you have a ticket, could you please give me a ticket?   I would rather buy an extra ticket at any price from a loyal fan of Lana rather than buying it from Stub Hub robbers.  If you read this, could I photograph one of your shows or do a behind the story theme?  It would be a dream to tour with you and photograph your tour so if you are in need of one, please find me.  

If you do read my blog, Lana, please see your loyal fans after your upcoming shows and say Hi.  Look for me in Chicago/Miami because I'll be sure be watching your shows along tossing 100  roses on the stage (or after the show)  

Hope you read this letter, I will still love you when you are no longer Beautiful Lana, like love you as in a "listen to your music" every day.