Cool Blogs

Haven't written for a while on my blog but just wanted to let you know about some cool blogs that I've been constantly checkin out if you're interested in Fashion, Photography and Music.  

1.  Dazed on

This site is the shit on the new hip scene of fashion, music, art, culture, photography and video. 


2.  UO Blog on

Urban Outfitters has great topics and interviews on whats been up lately.  They have Q and A sessions on their regular Urban Outfitters employees. Not to mention some of them are really, really cute and are total model material.  I just wish they keep this site updated more than often.  Don't forget to check out Tavi Gevinson's blog too on Style Rookie


3.  Porsche Blog

Get to the heart of Porsche with Drive.  Porsche Street Vids, actual Porsche bicycles (yeah Bicycles), and cool 911 heritage Porsche stories.