Barbara Gordon - Batgirl Cosplay Project

My first ever Cosplay superheroine photography project was a blast!!!! I have never had so much fun taking photographs especially with experienced cosplay models who knew how to work it. I always loved the superhero story genre growing up and this photography project topped it as one of my favorite jobs that I did for plain fun but mostly for the experience and recognition.  

I collected and read comic books back in the day and I have boxes and boxes of comics collecting dust. Since there was no room for it at my place, I had to eventually stop collecting and had to store them at my parents.  I still visit the comic book stores often to keep up on stories.  A lot has changed. What the heck is with DC's "New 52" by the way? Batgirl can now walk?? Rocket Racoon is back from the 70's?  I eventually got kicked out of one of the comic shops in Chicago because I just kept on visiting and reading and not buying so one of the nerd boys eventually told me I had to start buying comic books.  I put the comic I was reading back on the shelf and left.  I was totally bummed but luckily for me, the internet helped a lot and graphic novels as well.  This photography project brought back memories and just the thought of organizing and working with models on this editorial comic books cosplay story got me so excited.  I was reliving back my dream other than reading the comic books-I had the opportunity to shoot a story! 

The models I worked with on this project was the cute, ever amazing Mandy May as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and the talented, gorgeous Miss CJ as the villain known as Scarlet Fever. I will be posting more up often under my Barbara Gordon - Batgirl Project on my website so check often! This was definitely an photography experience wake-up call for me.  Location, lighting, composition, wardrobe and story all need to be prepared.  I thought I was prepared but I definitely need to come prepared on my next stint even more.   If there are any young photographers out there that would love to assist and who love cosplay, contact me.  

Here is a studio shoot using beauty dish flash of Mandy May as the bad ass Batgirl:


Here is a studio shoot using direct flash on Miss CJ as the bad ass Scarlet Fever:


Who will win this battle??  Stay tuned for more photos on my page!!