Yellowcard touring right now. Chicago! November 8th!!!

Get ready to rock Chicago, the boys of Yellowcard are back! Ryan and the boys are showing up in Chicago on November 8th at the Concord Music Hall.  Hope you Yellowcarders know all about this because they are going to bring down the house!  It's a total bummer that LP isn't in the group anymore because he had the dopest beats.  I'm really hoping that Nate Young from Anberlin could pick up the slack that LP brought.  The band is promoting their new album, "Lift A Sail", that I totally recommend.  If you love 90's alternative rock, this album sums it up and it pretty much brings the rock back to the old Yellowcard music. I still hope they play all their other songs too.  I'm so looking forward to surfing the pit next month.  Hope to see you there.  

This song just keeps me up: