I was drinking coffee with a beautiful model friend of mine conversing about work and she asked me, "what made you become a photographer? What inspires you to keep doing what you love doing?"  I obviously did not want her to give her the way obvious choice of telling her that it's her that inspires me to make beautiful art, but I gave her many reasons why.  I can all sum it up to LOVE.  I'd love to share this with you and hope you photographers have the same feeling. 

A fellow photographer I know, Natalie Dybisz (a.k.a Miss Aniela), just tweeted, "Be inspired by lots of things and lots of people.   Don't ever worship just one 'inspiration' or you're doomed."  Natalie is so true on this tweet.  It's not just one inspiration, it's a TON of reasons of what inspires me and its for the LOVE of photography.  I love being a photographer.  It's the love of the job, love of the hobby. 

Three years ago, I began my journey of becoming a photographer and I had the steep learning curve beginning to understand exposure, composition and lighting.  These were just a few challenges that we as photographers faced from day 1 and it's still ongoing for me.  I love the challenge, I love making mistakes and learning from them and having that moment where everything falls perfectly during a set shoot all by learning from your mistakes.   Not only am I still learning about the vast knowledge of photography, I also got addicted with Adobe Photoshop.   I don't edit much besides little flaws on my models, but I'm like a little kid opening presents when I view my photos for the first time on the computer with my Wacom intuos5 tablet using Photoshop.  The best advice is to always use your camera every day and shoot anything.  

 There is so much to take in from photography, I love immersing myself in anything that pertains to photography, anything that got me into taking photos. This includes learning the history, the difficult high tech equipment and lighting, reviewing the popular fashion photographers work on Vogue Magazine, Treats! Magazine, Lula Magazine and those British photography magazines that are 10 bucks a peice, and reading the popular photographer bloggers that love to teach and inpire. I try to stay updated reading photography books and magazines and fashion magazines. I love to read instructional books, also read more about photographers such as Avedon, Testino, Demarchelier and most of Anna Wintour's circle. This was a ton of time devoted to pursue this love of photography.

Lastly, I'm surrounded by beautiful models, talented make up artists, wardrobe stylists, fashion and beauty photographers like me, photoshop nerds, awesome high tech equipment gear and I get access to high class mansions to work in and VIP parties.  What's not to love about photography?  If I only can make this my full time job.