Why I Adore Kristen Stewart.


1.  Kirsten Stewart is Beautiful.   Yes, Beautiful.  Very, Very Beautiful.  

2.  Kristen has that hot, sexy and beautiful look that not many can copy.  

3.  She can make fashion a huge component in movies.   

3.  She is the face of Balenciaga.  

4.  There is no one like Kristen Stewart.  No one.  She has that distinct ability of her own to play a character that no one else can copy in the movies.  

5.  She's herself when she acts.  She's down to earth REAL.  She's not Hollywood phony.

6.  She knows how to act.  Haven't seen "On the Road", "Into the Wild", "Adventureland", "Speak", "Welcome to the Riley's"???  WATCH THEM!!  I definitely recommend watching the movie "Into the Wild".  

7.  She's an Introvert.  She's Shy.  She's Odd.  She's not normal (who is normal?)

8.   She's the worlds highest earning actress.  She's on top of the Forbes list.  35 million dollars in one year.  Angelina Jolie just got her ass kicked. 

9.  She gives you the "I don't give a fuck" look while not smiling in front of cameras.   

10.  She's weird.