Chicago Beauty Photographer - BellaBevy Model

I had the pleasure of working with model, Kasia Tomanek, last weekend when she drove all the way out in the western suburbs of Chicago to work with me!  I'm always impressed with the determination, dedication and love that models have to get that one of many beautiful great shots and to satisfy the best of me.  I am so thankful to have worked with and photograph so many beautiful models in the past three years of my budding photography career.  I hope to work with  so many more in the years to come.  It doesn't matter with the experience, quality and aesthetic the model has, as long as she is determined and set to work as hard as possible to work with me, I will work my magic to make her as beautiful as she can ever be.  See more of Kasia on my set wearing the ever sexy nylon tricot high-cut one piece swimsuit from American Apparel and the vintage smock dress from Victoria's Secret.