So I met this beautiful girl at a local coffee shop of mine, noticed she was casually sitting by herself reading the book, "Pictures of Dorian Gray ".  A book I was recently familiar with- Oscar Wilde's weird romantic story about a young man, Dorian Gray, who is a subject of a painting by an artist who becomes infatuated with his beauty and tells Dorian that his look is responsible for his new work of fashionable art.  His ultimate Muse. The story doesn't end well according to what I remember but all what I know is that this coincidence of a beautiful girl by herself reading this book, gave me the best opportunity to talk to her and ask how the book was.  She hasn't read much to talk much about it but I tell her a recap and I ecstatically tell her that she has the beauty look that I love. The look that I would know that would know that if she was in front of my lens, she would be the main attraction of my future gallery exhibition. She had the look that Jessica Alba would absolutely be jealous of-tall, slim, long dark haired with the most beautiful gray eyes that popped.   She weirdly stares at me and I see a little bit of creepiness shiver of confusion and she gave me this odd smirk. But then I let her know that I was a photographer and I mentioned that I was always building my portfolio and I was always looking for beautiful women with that original beauty look she has. I handed her my card, introduced myself and I parted ways.  

I love to scout for the one.  The one beautiful girl that exists and makes you realize that there is a God up there to make such a beautiful person.  I've met so many.