My favorite bloggers who are photographers.

Here are some of my favorite photography bloggers I follow religiously.  

1.   Melissa Rodwell

Her work has been a great inspiration to me. She has one of the best fashion photography blogs out there.

She's given up so much time to help all us young fashion photographers with her site and she also has been lately hosting great fashion photography workshops.  I hope to attend her upcoming workshop in Miami this coming February. She started out a new workgroup called  A great fashion photography resource website.  Go check it out!

2.  Chase Jarvis

This gnarly dude is one of my favorite commercial photographers. He currently shoots for Nike, Reebok, Red Bull, Subaru and Volvo.  He started his photography by taking photos of some of his snowboard buddies.  If you want business advice, photography advice or even advice about life, take it from Chase.  He will tell you to get shit done. 


3.  Scott Kelby

Photoshop Guru, Scott Kelby has his own site on  Any Photoshop Nerd like me would definitely know who this pro is, he's the president of the national association of photoshop something something.   He provides great advice, tons of good videos to learn from and has a ton of good photography books to read.   

4.  Scott Schuman

Scott is the owner of TheSartorialist.Com  I don't know how this guy takes photos of people so properly well.   He is definitely a natural at photography.

5.  Lindsay Adler

Fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler has very informative help on her blogs.  I found her from buying two of her books I definitely recommend, "Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography" and "Shooting in Shitty Light".  

Check out her blog here: