Hooters Car Show 2017 Downers Grove

Here are a few photos I'd like to share of my visit at the Hooters Downers Grove during the Double K Productions Hooters car show last weekend.  The old cars and fast cars didn't excite me as much as I thought this round but was always impressed with the way the owners take care of their cars so I decided to just work with photographing the beautiful Hooters Girls instead.  As always, they are kind, professional and sweet to photograph.    


My Photoshop Workflow

Many people ask me what my workflow in Photoshop is and I would love to share this with you all.   

Here is an example of my latest Photoshop CC edit as an example:

As you can clearly notice, my Photoshop edit is the picture of Brittany on the left and the picture of her on the right is the original raw file.   

As you can clearly notice, my Photoshop edit is the picture of Brittany on the left and the picture of her on the right is the original raw file.   

Here is my workflow steps that I'm sure that most of my fellow PS users follow:

1.  Skin Fix-Edit the most noticeable looks such as blemishes, acne, moles and sun spots.   Remember to keep the noticeable moles that parents look for or they'll wonder why you removed the most obvious birthmarks.  After removing the most noticeable skin flaws, I use a light airbrush to smooth the skin.  

2.  Garment and accessories fix- Any obvious wrinkles I fix.  From the photo above, I didn't like the way Brittany's dress poofed in the skirt skirt so I adjusted the skirt my way to a cleaner look.  I also fixed her sunglasses without the reflection from my strobe.  

3.  Overall look fix-  I added major vignetting here and composited a stock photo into this photo to give a cooler artsy look.   

4.  Stop and take a break and come back to my photo to get a different perspective.  Sometimes walking away from my editing can give me a different opinion.   

4.  Sharpen photo.   

My top 10 fashion photographers (and a few others) I so much love.

I compiled a list of my top 10 fashion photographers (past and present) that I would like to share who I have followed so much closely on social media and on their websites.   They fuel my inspiration especially the present day photographers but it is so difficult for me to follow in their footsteps so I have always kept my niche. Since there are no other types I list below, I want to become the "one and only" photographer that people know me as. These photographers show so much strength and emotion and sensuality in their models along with the way they work the light and the fashion which is why their work is called "fashion photography".    Steven Meisel is my favorite which I order from 10 to 1 as the best.  Hope you all agree with what I think.  Enjoy!

10.  Helmut Newton - His strong, provocative black and white photos interest me most. I actually got the opportunity to meet the nude model he shot (Henriette Allais) at a convention and I got her autograph with that popular photo.  She mentioned that image of hers sold for over $300,000 and she worked that photoshoot for $75 back in the day.   

Helmut Newton's "Rue Aubriot" work and "Woman into Man" work shown above.

Helmut Newton's "Rue Aubriot" work and "Woman into Man" work shown above.

Henriette Allais modeling nude for Helmut Newton.  

Henriette Allais modeling nude for Helmut Newton.  

9.  Richard Avedon - Loved his black and white fashion portraits.   His late celebrity portraits didn't impress me much though.   The late Avedon has an awesome iPad app with tons of his archive images for viewing pleasure from the 1940's to 2000.   This is a definite must for any fashion photographer enthusiast to have in hand often.   

This is probably the most popular fashion photograph of Dovima with the elephants which was shot by Richard Avedon.  

This is probably the most popular fashion photograph of Dovima with the elephants which was shot by Richard Avedon.  

8.  Peter Lindbergh - His black and white work is so beautiful!!!  Just check out his photo of Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova below that he worked on.  Just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.   He inspires me most with the way he takes photos of his women and how he emotes the models sensuality.   Such beautiful work.  I definitely recommend to check out his book, "Images of Women II - 2005-2014".   

Kate Moss by Peter Lindbergh

Kate Moss by Peter Lindbergh

Natalia Vodianova by Peter Lindbergh.  She is one of my favorite models that I adore.  

Natalia Vodianova by Peter Lindbergh.  She is one of my favorite models that I adore.  

7.  Ellen Von Unwerth - This beautiful photographer (did I mention she is also beautiful as well?) captured the erotic black and white images but was able to work her fashion into it which not a lot of photographers can do.   

The popular Guess model, Claudia Schiffer by Ellen Von Unwerth.  

The popular Guess model, Claudia Schiffer by Ellen Von Unwerth.  

6.  Javier Vallhonrat - the way he shoots his models sensuality is breathtaking and the way he uses his colors and light is crazy.   

5.  Steven Klein (@stevenkleinstudio)- this present day photographers work is as close to Helmut Newton. His Instagram work is just pure wacky and weird at times.   

4.  Solve Sundsbo -  http://www.solvesundsbo.com/  - I love the way he works movement and emotion in his work.   

3.  Herb Ritts -  I have to admit that this is the guy that inspired me to shoot women often.   I have this photo on my wall in my room.   :)

Herb Ritts famous photo of Cindy Crawford.  

Herb Ritts famous photo of Cindy Crawford.  

2.  Vincent Peters - http://www.vincentpetersphotography.com/

I seem to love the sensuality he always brings out to his models.   Just pure raw and erotic and just beautiful.  

ScarJo by Vincent Peters. <3

ScarJo by Vincent Peters. <3

1.  Steven Meisel - His work is "fashion photography".   Plain and simple and just awesomely explosive.  I just love his work. He is the present day, "Helmut Newton" photographer.  

Check out a mixture of his work below I so much love:   

There are obviously a ton more that I could think of (past and present) such as Ruven Afandor, Enrique BadulescuGlen Luchford, Guy BourdinDominique Isserman, Sarah Moon, Deborah Turbeville, Nick Knight and Patrick Demarchelier who I also admire and follow just as much but I'd just wanted to share my favorites.   Check out their websites as well and let me know what you think!!




I updated my web page! More photos added!!

I updated my website recently and added more new photos into my Model and Muse website to share with you.  I am so blessed to meet so many beautiful models and have great relationships with them and thank them so much for the emotion they have given me to my lens.  Especially with the models I have worked with recently, you know who you are, I love you all for your hard work. You are beautiful inside and out.  I'm behind on a ton of photos for some of my models so please be patient and they will be coming soon and I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience-these past 2 months have been really difficult for me lately and I appreciate your patience and understanding for the hard time I have been going through. 

For upcoming young new models interested in a career in professional modeling, I'm always available in the Chicago land area to help take photos for you for your portfolio.  My rates are reasonable and negotiable so please contact me through my email listed on my "about" page.   For those models under the age of 18, you will need to bring your parents on any of my shoots.  All models will need to sign a model release form as well.   I'm also available to shoot family portraits and weddings as well so don't hesitate to ask. Did i also mention I love to work with kids too!!?? My future work will be with agency signed models too so stay tuned often to see my upcoming work soon! 

For my fans that are looking for Cosplay photos I have been posting on my Instagram, please look often on my Instagram account (@johnnyporsche) because I won't be posting any of these photos on my modelandmuse.com website nor will I create a site to share other than for my cosplay models which will be a private account website for their eyes only so apologies for the regular users  who try to look often and search often for my cosplay photos.  Sorry Hong Kong!! Keep seeing my Instagram for those photos!!      

Here is a shoot I worked with Kasia on a hat of hers she wanted to shoot in.  We had so much fun with this shoot:   

Falling in Love with my Models

In the world of fashion and beauty photography, as a photographer it is very easy to fall in love with your models due to their beauty.  Step into my photography world in my eyes and try not to fall in love with a 5'10", size 2, blue-eyed, blonde hair female beauty that works with you.   After my 5 years of experience of working with over 100 models working in fashion and beauty portrait photography, I noticed the more I frequently work with my models, the more I fall in love with them and our art we create as a tandem gets even more beautiful.  Her status of "model" has turned into my "Muse" status-the goddess of inspiration.  She provides me the emotions to my lens and I draw from them and the love I formed in my mind is often always never returned back but due to this love I created in my mind it often creates something great in my art.   I immerse myself completely into them and I am bound to produce something great. She offers me a gateway, a  magical place, that no other person can.  She consumes me day after day and I constantly think about her when I'm not with her and she inspires me to make beautiful work.   I'm a person that falls in love too easily with women and its a weakness in me. and photographing beautiful women doesn't help this either.   Something I long despised but I've learned to appreciate and overcome.   My heart breaks often but this is what makes me alive and inspires me in my work.     I try to focus and infuse this into my beauty photography and my Muses grant me so many positive emotions.   She inspires me, she excites me, she challenges me and she invokes emotions in me that is a benefit worthy of a little heartache.  Falling in love with my Muses is one of the best things I have done with my art and I realize how amazing I truly am.   

My photos from the America's Beauty Show (ABS) in Chicago

My photos I wanted to share with you all when I was at the recent America's Beauty Show (ABS) in Chicago this past weekend at the McCormick Place,   Thanks to Beauty and Pinups for giving me the access to this wonderful event.  

The beautiful models from MATRIX at the Salon Centric stage presenting the MATRIX ROCK "N" STROBE TREND STYLING AND FINISHING:

The handsome models from American Crew:

The models from Aquage:

An advertising board from Aquage:

A demonstration from Aquage:

The really cute models from Amika:

The models from TIGI:

Working a day on an Island

Here is a sneak peek on my upcoming photography fashion work with super model, Ashlynn. She will be displaying a lot of swimwear photos from local Maui, Hawaii shops as well as some California surf shop clothing too. I love working with her because I absolutely love her fashion sense.  She was a real treat to work with and wish her the best in all her endeavors.   Look out for this upcoming model everywhere. Everywhere meaning she will be a star on the rise to modeling, acting, singing, and writing poetry.  She's a "Jack of all trades". I will be posting up a bunch of photos of this Hawaii project and this beautiful Siren very soon on my website so keep checking my site out often.  

Here is a photo of Ashlynn in Maui at a Black Sand Beach on the way to Hana wearing a cute Victorias Secret swimsuit that fit her perfectly:   


Future work...

I may have the opportunity to work with Marta the Martian soon which I'm totally ecstatically stoked to get this opportunity and totally thrilled to work with this beauty if I get the chance. You need to check out her work if you haven't done so-Absolute beauty.  This photo was from photographer Bleeblu:   

Check out his work  as well.   Damn quality work.  He has Adobe Lightroom presets for photo editors on his website too which are pretty cool too.  Check it out!    

Imposter Alerts! Fake Photographers in this crappy world.

I've known lots of photographers that had the worst experience saying that they've gotten imposter alerts who claim to be the photographer and who directly contacts agency models and freelance models that the photographers have shot or not shot before-via Instagram, email in attempt to solicit naked/nude/bikini/lingerie selfies from the models as well as attempting to set-up shoots.   

To all models that I know and don't know,  please use my email I have in my website to contact me or phone number.   

I also know models that get these fake photographers that they need more photos of them and ask for more selfies to get more "measurements" info.  I will NEVER ask for models to send me any nude-selfies or any selfies of some creepy sort.   

With a ton of lawyers and law enforcement friends and family I know, legal routes will be pursued if this ever happens to me.    



My Cosplay Photography site is out!!! CLIENTS ONLY.

To all the people I know, my cosplay page is out so check out your photos and share your photos.  It's an encrypted page so SORRY to my fans that don't know me but it's only for my friends, clients and models to view and I won't be able to share them unless my models that I have worked with show it. To the friends I know, email me for the info on the page address and password.  I encrypted it because too many asian sites have my cosplay photos everywhere and are using it with none of my discretion.  Weird to see Hong Kong people stealing my photos! Check out my Instagram page for a few photos of my Cosplay photos though but unfortunately you fans won't be able to see cosplay stories thanks to those who keep stealing them for their social media.  Really people!!??  Give up checking often for Cosplay photos on this current site because it will never happen  because my Model and Muse site will only be for my love of fashion and beauty photography art.

Sorry but not sorry to the fans who keep looking often on my site and stealing my photos,



Cause I'm a winner...

This song is pretty darn old but I still love drivin my car at 100mph with this song since it's just straight up bliss.  Listen at the 2:30 mark and you'll  know why. Thanks Jamie!

Calumet Photographic closes its doors again?

I stopped by the Lincoln Park Calumet Photo store this past Sunday and noticed a sign that they are now permanently closed.   I tried calling the other two locations in Oakbrook and Northbrook but got voice mail errors.   Has Calumet Photo closed down again? Say it ain't so!?!  I wanted to take my Calumet Genesis 500 strobe for repairs since I spent a few bucks  on it and now they're fully closed again?  I think I burnt something internally from the strobe and don't want to scarf down another few bones on a really reasonable priced strobe.   I may just stick with buying the ProFoto D1 Monolight strobe next if Calumet keeps being un-reliable.       

Cosplay Photography Site Coming Soon!

I'm FINALLY building a separate website for my Cosplay photography work so stay tuned to find new photos launched there!  I will be posting up my website address very soon.  I recently worked a beautiful Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel project that you should definitely look out to see too! I hope to have this site up and ready by this weekend with a whole lot of new pictures and new cosplay character fun. In the near future, I will try to build an events page on my local activities and display the cosplay conventions I plan to attend, build a blog instructional page to share my photography and cosplay sessions and interviews along with a e-commerce page to sell cosplay related photos.  I can't wait to share it with you guys!!!!   

Here is a sneak peek of what's to come:



I choose Emily Blunt as the next Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel actress

Dear Marvel Studios,

As a Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel fanboy of comic books, please choose Emily Blunt. I have collected and read all comic book issues of the Original 1970's Ms. Marvel  and her return in 2006 along with all Captain Marvel issues and Captain Marvel and Carol Corps as well so I have the extensive knowledge of her biography.  Emily Blunt has been one of the main front runners chosen as the upcoming Captain Marvel movie to be released in 2018 and I truly believe she is the strongest choice.  Hands down, she definitely has the experience, the look, the beauty, the bad ass attitude and acting experience to fit the most perfect Carol Danvers-Captain Marvel character.  DC Universe chose Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman wisely and although she looks gorgeous as the amazonian woman, and I'm not trying to compare, she doesn't have the experience and look that Emily Blunt could have offer as the new Captain Marvel character.  Please choose Emily as the new Captain Marvel.