About Johnny. Photographer. Magic Maker.  Artist. 


johnny porsche 2013.jpg

Johnny is a lifestyle and fashion photographer from Chicago, Illinois currently living on the beach and enjoying lake life.

His goal is to inspire beauty in his lifestyle photo shoots and continue to photograph people and places from all walks of life.

Johnny’s fashion based work has grown rapidly over the past few years, and he is passionate about conceptualizing his clients vision and bringing it to life, with his own twist of course. Recently working with independent models, Johnny is dedicated to following his passion covering a diverse range of stories through his photography.

With a healthy following on Instagram (@johnnyporsche), he’s continuing to expand his client base, traveling and shooting passion projects that don't stem too far away from the water and city life.

For Bookings, Email:  johnny@modelandmuse.com 

Please contact me directly before using my images for any purpose.  Please do not reproduce without my expressed written consent.  You're fine with using my pictures to display anywhere such as MySpace but if you alter my photo in any such matter, you will be FINED.  I have lawyers that would love to send you notices.   All images are copy written and owned-please do not edit my photos, SELL or display without my consent.  Thank you.