Biography and Information about Chicago photographer, Johnny Porsche.    

Johnny. Photographer. Magic Maker.  Artist. 


johnny porsche 2013.jpg

Hi! I'm a part time, freelance lifestyle photographer living in Chicago!

You can find me on instagram!

I'd love to collaborate with models and photographers so if you have any upcoming projects, please contact. 

If you're a model and interested in a test shoot, get more info here!

Email:  johnny@modelandmuse.com



Please contact me directly before using my images for any purpose.  Please do not reproduce without my expressed written consent.  You're fine with using my pictures to display anywhere such as MySpace but if you alter my photo in any such matter, you will be FINED.  I have lawyers that would love to send you notices.   All images are copy written and owned-please do not edit my photos, SELL or display without my consent.  Thank you.